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Vibram run number four tonight.

Well, numbers four and five. You see, I decided to combine it with a trip to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things that I needed. Actually at first all I wanted was grapes, but then Matt wanted to roast some veg for dinner so he wanted potatoes and parsnips.

So I did five miles in my regular shoes, came home, changed into my Vibrams and grabbed my rucksack.

The shop is just over a mile away, so it’d be over two miles in my Vibrams in total. Probably a little more than I should be doing at this point. Anyway so on the way it occurred to me that showing up to the supermarket in tiny running shorts and individually-toed shoes might look a little odd.

I almost turned around and went home again.

Determined, I carried on. I dashed into the shop and grabbed what I needed as quickly as possible, avoiding eye contact and fixing a sheepish ‘Yes I’m aware of how ridiculous I look’ smile on my face. Which probably made me look even more ridiculous.

I noticed on the way there that the Vibrams were starting to rub a little, and by the time I arrived I definitely felt like a blister was starting to form. My first Vibram blister! I loaded my rucksack up with food and ran out of the shop.

Of course, potatoes and parsnips and a big bag of grapes are heavy. I ran back feeling a lot less light on my feet than I did before!

I made it home, and took the Vibrams off, whereupon I discovered this…



Yes, that is a picture of my foot. And instead of a blister, I found that the skin had simply rubbed off my foot leaving behind a raw, exposed wound.

Minus one for the Vibrams.

I’m assuming this is something that has been experienced by other wearers, so in true nerd fashion I’m going to head on over to Birthday Shoes and check out what people are saying in the forums. Maybe it’s a good thing, because it’s persuaded me to put the KSOs away for a few days and give myself a break. My calves need it – Matt kindly massaged them for me tonight and one misplaced finger elicited an ear-piercing shriek from me.

So that’s the latest on the minimalist running front. I’m sure you’re all so thrilled to hear about it. My brother – a runner himself – overheard me telling my sister about my run route the other day and said that hearing about other people’s runs is as boring as being told about their dreams. He’s right (but that doesn’t stop me from telling you!).

Let’s have some more pictures of my pretty little KSOs shall we?



Legs up the wall for post-run recovery!



I plan on wearing them for some walks this weekend (with a plaster on), to work on building up the strength in my feet and calves. Better get Matt on standby for more leg rubs!

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